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The grey view from Tofino lodgings - great location though!

The Canadian "under-sized" car

After a week in Vancouver we decided it was time to move on (Simon's friends are coming home and he wanted his bed back!) First stop is Tofino, right on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We've hired a car and got the old free upgrade, which you seem to get every time, and so have ended up with a massive beast of a saloon car which feels like a boat but is actually classed as an undersized vehicle! They wanted to give us a 4x4 but Steve refused. We set off to get the 12.30 ferry to Vancouver Island but it all went a bit wrong since we stopped to stock up on food and then couldn't find the ferry port (the signposts here are terrible...) so we ended up getting the next one at 3.30. The crossing is only 90 minutes but the drive to Tofino is quite long so we didn't arrive at our lodgings until 7.30, having driven through quite a few one-horse places, bear country and some considerable amount of snow. Oh yes, and it has been raining solidly since we set off.

Next morning we awoke to... more rain. We're staying in a little A framed wooden chalet, really nice and overlooking the water. It was very peaceful until Steve managed to set the car alarm off and then, in a marvellous Basil Fawlty style, started kicking it, slamming the doors and shouting "shut UP shut UP", to which it obviously did not respond. No idea how to silence the bugger as it doesn't come with a manual but fortunately it shut itself off after a few minutes or so, which is when we legged it off for a walk round town. Tofino is a beautiful little place and must be magnificent in the summer, however on a grey, wet, cool April day it does lose a little of that magnificence. We went to a few places like the bakery (recommended) and a most fantastic art gallery that was completely out of our price range but we pretended to muse over the pictures, and it was at least warm and dry in there. No point at all in doing a whale-watch, seaplane trip or bear watch (they're still snoozing) so we found a little place called Groovy Movies and rented a couple of DVD's along with a bar or two of choccie and gave up on the outdoor thing. A good choice in the end as the rain only intensified during the afternoon. We did spend some time looking out the windows on to the water to try and seal spot which was quite fun and Mad managed to set fire to a teatowel (another Fawlty towers moments - "Tis fire, Mr Fawlty...") whilst sorting out lunch but otherwise a nice quiet day.

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