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It was this big!

Crab anyone?

On Friday in Vancouver, I decided to try my hand at fishing. Andy being an salty old sea dog (well has been fishing a few times before and easily gets sea sick!) was very keen to go and try and catch some salmon. So a boat was chartered and with a 7 AM departure from Granville Island. The first port of call was to put out of couple of crab baskets and then set up the long lines needed for salmon fishing. After many false alarms (shakers to use the correct parlence), Andy did manage to hook a salmon and a big un' it was too - refer to the photographic evidence. Not to be outdone, shortly afterwards I hooked my very own salmon and began to reel it in. Unfortunately, the seals have become very canny and know where to get a nice easy meal. They literally hang around the boat, with their head just visible and wait to hear the noise of the reels when a fish is hooked. They then drive and simply grab the salmon and rip it off the hook - eventually. It actually took about 25 minutes of tug-of-war before the seal eventually won the day. 25 minutes of trying to pull a seal out of the water with a fishing rod and and small reel is absolutely knackering, I can tell you. The guy who runs the fishing trip aboslutely hates seals for that reason. He also hates otters too as apparently he used to get up in the moring to find a load of otters had come, crapped all over his boat and eaten all the food they could find. Apparently they are quite territorial and so once they have claimed a space they'll keep coming back. He got rid of them with mousetraps in the end, not to catch them (although he did say he found a tail end in one once) but because they don't like the noise of the traps going off. Fish man 1, otters nil!

Two fish later, Andy again lands his and I again have a futile battle with another seal, and then we pick up the crab pots. They were absolutely bursting with crabs, it was incredible. The sea bed must be nothing but crabs! Back to Granville Island for a short demonstration in fish gutting and the triumphant return to Simons. Dinner that night was superb, the salmon was absolutely amazing - infinitley tastier than anything from the shops. The crab was excellent too although whilst cooking we were warned not to get crab water on anything as apparently it stinks and is really hard to get rid of. Mmmmmm...crab juice.....

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