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Big Rock mountain we 4 wheeled around

4 wheel trip view of Yuma from top

Mary & Mike fishing

Ok took afew days to get back to you but having soo much fun and I can't believe how busy we can get. Had a great lunch at Pizza Hut and Thank you, Ray & Dorothy for all the hospitality- food, shopping, dinner, and getting our mail and packages. I ordered a couple of new camping books after checking out Gord & Lindas. So now have lots of reading & studying, got Free campgrounds of the West(under $12. mostly boondocking or camping without services) Some really great places you can stay in this country without paying for electric,etc if you don't need them. Went on one last 4 wheeler trip into the mountains here in Yuma with Denny & Vicki(from Idaho) lots of fun, took the gps and made a track of our trip around the big rock. Gord & Linda left for BC Canada(Home) and immediately we got another BC couple and they were great neighbors too. Boy do I like this traveling, we have met so many nice people and gotten invites to stop and see them, I think we could now plan a trip around North America and stop to visit friends. Our new neighbors, Mary & Mike love to fish, especially Mary and so everyone was excited as we packed up to leave Monday am, she started catching fish, OK catfish but lots of fun.They have a really cute boat- folding type. They also really enjoyed our campfires and using our internet,It's really fun to have internet without electric or even cell phone service.

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