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Huge Sand Dunes

Dave & the boys at the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea


Entrance to Sands Golf & Rv resort

View from our spot

Gene & Judi's site over our hedge

Our truck parking & trailer beyond it.

Valley of windmills from our site

Really sorry to leave Mittry Lake,Yuma area but always find another great place. This must be what they mean when they say "Life is a trip". Left Yuma and headed west. Had to stop and look over the Huge sand dunes, Wow we could enjoy 4 wheeling here.maybe next time, Next stop the Salton Sea-now that's a huge lake, didn't take time to find Slab city as we had plans to meet Dave's nephew & his wife in Desert Hot Springs. We had checked for a Passport America park as we just joined but 1 didn't have a spot big enough for us and the other didn't answer email so emailed the Sands Golf & Rv park where Gene & Judi stay and they emailed back right away that they would be glad to have us and would find space for us so that's where we'll stay. Passed thru more fields and groves and then saw all the grape(Yeah.. Wine country) vineyards. Drove into some winds as we got closer and also saw snow on the mountain tops. Just as we turn off to go into Desert Hot Springs, the valley is full of windmills(I think I know why.. wind blew most of the night. This park is great, nice people and we have palm trees and not sure what kind of shrub(hedges between sites)with white flowers and a view of the snow covered mountain tops. Gene & Judi took us out to dinner at a small mexican place called " South of the Border" Great food and a nice visit. Their spot is just down the road a couple sites from where we are. Gene delivered the morning newspaper to go with our coffee this am. Service too. Dave is down there now plotting our route from here to Death Valley as they have gone several times and love it. Can't wait. Doing laundry,etc. and more touristing coming up soon.

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