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Wood carvings at the Anthropology Museum

Big beak!

View from our lunch spot

Welcome to Granville Island!

We'd just like to say a big THANKYOU to everybody who has e-mailed us, recommended places or things to see, had us to stay(!) or simply just read these updates and enjoyed them. Our last few days in Vancouver were brilliant and it was really bittersweet to leave. One of the most entertaining things we found is at 3.00 every day when the city streets are cleared of parked vehicles. About 2.55 the tow trucks start circling and by 3.10 all the cars have been towed away. It's the most amazingly organised thing and so quick!

I also got roped into one of Steve's legendary "short" walks. I don't know how this happened as I ought to know better after all this time but he said he only wanted to go a couple of miles to test a new walking/gps/heart rate thing he'd purchased so I agreed. 2 hours and 8 miles round the seawall later.....

On our last day we visited the Museum of Anthropology at the British Columbia University. It's an amazing campus about 5 miles out of the city and it's huge! The museum, typically, is right on the other side of the campus where the bus doesn't go so it's about a half mile stroll to it but very nice indeed. There are a huge amount of wood carvings and we got there just in time for a guided tour so we got to hear about their origins and the legends they were based on which was all the more interesting.

After that we had a last lunch at a place on Granville Island overlooking False Creek and then finally had to admit the holiday is over and get to the airport for our flight back to London. Got there at about 5.00 and discovered that the time on our e-ticket printout was wrong and our flight was not at 7.15 as stated but actually at 6.10. Ooops, but at least we didn't have much time to hang around. Flight back was grotty - too hot, full up and everyone fidgety but we were on time and out luggage came out first at Heathrow which is a bonus. Is it good to be home? We're not sure yet. We'd like to go away again just to check....

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