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Strange house in Palm Springs

leaving the tram station

1 of 5 towers we cross on the way up

Palm valley from the revolving tram car

Looking back at the station and parking lot

Meeting another tram car

View from the top

Loking up from the top station to State Park with trails-Icy now

Starting down

Joshua trees

salt * Lava beds by Joshua Tree park

Salt beds in Mojave Nat. Preserve

Salt beds with cones(they push up from below ground like volcanos

Smooth rock pile in the middle of nowhere

Rock formations are great

First view of Lave beds and cones

Lava beds and cones

Lava rock by the road

Another great rock pile

Tecopa Hot Springs Mineral bath house

Cross at the top of hill in Tecopa just great for Good...

Our site at Tecopa Hot Springs

Gene & Judi took us out on a tour of the Palm Springs area today, we saw some fantastic homes and some strange ones. The downtown area is great and we went to the basse of the mountain to check out the airtram. Gene volunteered to come back and get us if we wanted to go up but we talked him into going along(I am not real comfortable on those things either but after he said he was really glad he came) We all enjoyed a nice ride it looks like straight up but the view on top is great. You can see the whole valley and back to Desert Hot Springs where we stayed. Got lots of fantastic pictures I'll try not to post too many. The plan was to leave on the 13th. for Death Valley but as we have found, all our plans are written in Jello (they shake and change easily) as do we. Decided to take a different route after talking to Gene & Judi and go along Joshua Tree Nat. Park and through Mojave Nat. Preserve. That was a good choice. It's just amazing to see all those Joshua trees for miles across the desert and the gal at the visitors center at Mojave ga ve us a great way to see the sites thru Mojave. They have some huge salt beds and really fantastic rock formations but the lava beds and lava cones were the greatest site. Well we had so much fun that time got away from us and we didn't make Death Valley. But thanks to Gord & Linda(our BC friends) who showed us a free campgounds of the west book, which I had to have. We found a great place to stay at Tecope Hot springs. They have natural mineral springs that are from 101 to 108 degrees and leave your skin soo smooth plus you can really relax there. So nice we stayed 2 nights and made 1 run up to Death Valley to check out parking for our rig and decided to make the south loop road on our way back to Tecope. Of course I have made a point of saying we have only had 2 days of rain since we left Minnesota, guess what we had rain in Death Valley which doesn't happen often, on Friday when we made the south route.

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