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Look closely for the pupfish

the blue tinged ones are males(hard to see)

Salt creek

Desert Holly

Dave in Titus Canyon

A Cute little lizard

A dust devil over the sand dunes(in the middle of picture)

The dunes

T'he devil's Cornfield

another part of Devil's cornfield

The Harmony Boax Mine works(where 20 mule teams worked)

The Artist's Palette sign

Artists palette

Dave & I at Artist palette

Trails in the rock made by years of water

Color splashes on the road out

Artists Drive( we drove twice) and would do again What colors

A last picture on Artists drive

Today we visited Salt Creek where the tiny pupfish live. For hundred of thousands of years, ending 10,000 years ago, Death Valley contained large lakes fed by rain and meltwater from the ice age glaciers. Climate gradually changed and forced most life to congregate near permanent water sources or adapt to dry conditions. The pupfish have survived by living in isolated springs as warm as 90* or in streams whose water can be 5 times as salty as the ocean. We were lucky as this is spawning time and they were easy to find off the 1\2 mile boardwalk but I found they weren't as easy to photograph. You may have to look carefully but they are there. From there we went on to Titus Canyon you can't even see it from the road until you get right up to the mouth of it. There is a road all the way thru, 4 wheel drive & one way but it was closed because of weather damage(We could't have made it thru anyway) So we drove up to the mouth and hiked in. It was fantastic and we found more blooming plants and desert holly, which is like our northern holly adapted to dry,hot conditions( It is dormant in the summer and blooms in the winter. It's silver colored leaves reflect sunlight and are turned in at the edges to reduce exposure and wind drying. We also found a cute little lizard to watch for awhile and got some pictures. We went on to Stovepipe Wells and the sand dunes(saw a couple big dust devils) you maybe able to see them on one picture, also visited the devil's cornfield( named because the wind blows the dirt away from the roots but the plants live and look like corn shucks. We also stopped at Harmony Borax mine works where they used the 20 mule team to haul borax out to the railroad. Went back to drive thru Artists drive and stop at Artists palette( It's great but I think the drive is just as good)

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