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Birds over our park on the last morning in Death Valley

Not many animals in Death Valley, but this coyote was prowling the...

This is a stealth plane with a white chase plane that flew...

Our breakdown at Towne pass sure slowed traffic

Miller Towing out of Lone Pine,Ca. to the rescue

On the road down, Judi is across the valley in the truck(can't...

"Bubba" the biggest tow truck I ever saw.

Our view of Mt. Whitney from our windows in the tow yard

From across the road, a view of Miller Towing yard.

Ok, I promised to tell how it really is, living like this so finally we have some bad. We planned on leaving Death Valley on the 18th. Got up & ready, saw the stealth plane go over with a chase plane, that was cool,had a coyote in our campground when I first got up, also cool. packed up and headed out thru Stovepipe Wells and on to Panamint Springs. That WAS the plan, unfortunately the truck decided to quit at Towne pass in the middle of the road, no warning, no overheating or problems found, just shut down and would'nt start again. Not too much traffic, but we each had to stay on one end of the rig to direct traffic. Finally a wonderful helper stopped, Tim who owns Panamint Springs resort stopped and volunteered to call our Road Care service and let them and the park know where we were( No cell phone service here at all) Next a great park ranger and CHP(California Highway Patrol) showed up along with some great 18 wheel truck drivers who got out coveralls and tools and tried to help fix the truck to no avail. Our real saviors came in orange trucks- Miller Towing to the rescue. We didn't get Bubba(the bigest truck they have) but we got 2 Big tow trucks, one for our truck and one for the Teton. John & Donny hooked up and towed us over Towne pass and down the other side( part of it is 9% grade) an exciting ride but these guys have such experience they made me feel safe. Stopped to get us some coffee on the way, its over 55 miles to Lone Pine(where they are). We got there about 7pm and they oftered us a car to go out to eat if we wanted and parked our rig right by the building so we could hook up to electric(which we didn't need). The next morning they checked out the truck and could not repair it here so back on the phone(which now has service-yeah) to Road Care and boy were they great this morning, wasn't sure last night as they don't want to pay unless you call them first but explained the situation and they covered the first tow and this one to tow the truck to Bishop for repair at the authorized CAT dealer. These people at Miller's and Britts diesel service are extremely busy but they made time for us and got the repair done. Millers also found the problem with the shimmy in the steering that we thought we had repaired at Eloy with front end alignment,wrong he goofed it up worse than it was and wore out our front tire because of it, so we got 2 new front tires on today. Road care payed for the towing(alot) and the repairs were nothing we didn't expect to pay and we have been sitting here with a view of Mount Whitney at 14,495' so went from the lowest to the highest point in the lower 48 states. Kind of like the roller coaster of life, but it is still great. I love this lifestyle. Dave set up my Direcway so got this updated and checked emails. Tomorrow we will head to Chico for Spring Escapade. More later.

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