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Laws Railroad museum-Narrow gauge RR line

Dave coming thru the water on Silver canyon road

Picture from the trail, we are parked at the end of the...

an Old stone cabin on the trail

Pretty yellow flowers

First canyon led to a big valley

Rain and clouds across the valley

Dave coming out of the second canyon at 5800'

Strange rocks, looks almost like small rocks cemented together

Sunday am , clouds in the mountains where we were on Saturday

Rain clouds moving thru the valley

aRainbo over our trailer site-Sunday am

Well, all looked good Saturday am and we were ready to leave BUT as we headed down the road we were leaving a huge trail of smoke. So turned around and back to Millers, a quick check and they called and sent us back to Britts in Bishop. This time we took our home with us as they usually don't work after noon on Saturday. Got here and Britt checked it out and said the o ring in the new part was bad but he didn't know for sure if that caused smoke. He suggested we could go down the road to an RV park/golf resort but Dave talked to the guy who owns the big parking lot and he said we were welcome to stay here and with our solar, batteries, water, etc. that's what we decided to do. Britt also told us about 4 wheel trails up Silver canyon road. Oh the town where we are is Laws, Ca. It also has a fantastic railroad museum, we spent a couple hours there on Saturday and didn't see half of it, so if it quits raining today(Sunday) we will go back to the museum. The clouds here a strange, you can see clouds above the mountains, in the mountains, and even below the mountains coming thru this valley we are in. Had a rainbow or 1\2 of one this am. We have a nice view out the back window of the mountains. Guess we will wait till monday to find out more info on the truck. Sure sorry to miss the beginning of Spring Escapade but hope to make it over to Chico before the weeks over. If not we will go on. More later

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