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Hawthorne Army depot & Navy ordinance bunkers

Walker Lake, Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Ski resorts by Reno

Wildfire damage off Hwy. 80

Hwy 80 road tracks

Dave & the boys played in the snow at rest area

Snow bankds still along Hwy 80(Donner Pass area)

Our site at Dutch Flats RV park

We made it, the truck got a new Turbo and tested it out last night with a trip into Bishop for groceries,etc. Left this morning and headed north on Hwy 6 over to Nevada and up to Reno, filled with fuel(.33 a gallon cheaper in NV than CA.) and started back to California on Hwy 80. This is a main road but still goes up thru Donner Pass so lots of testing for the truck, and all the big trucks run all winter and use chains so this road is a mess, has road ruts in the concrete deeper than the wagon ruts on the Santa Fe trail. Noisy, rough ride but scenery is great. Stopped for the night at Dutch Flats RV park in Dutch Flats/Gold Run, Ca.( a passport America park and Great) Parked among the tall pine trees but it was still nice temp wise. Got hook ups tonight so washing, vacuuming, etc. will head to Escapade/Chico tomorrow but that's the last day so will miss it all, just hope to find some of the people we were planning on meeting there.

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