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Our first view of the ocean from Mad River beach city park

Flowering shrubs-Rhododendrons & Azaleas all over

Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary-great site

A Big rock slide in the mountains

Avenue of the Giants info sign

Judi & the boys in front of a giant Redwood tree

The Freightliner"JourneyOn" in the redwoods

"The Avenue of the Giants" 30 miles of WOW

To the tops

A Hollow redwood view of the Journey On

Moss growing on the redwoods, cool temps & humid

Info on side trees growing from branches

Side tree-a tree growing from a branch up high

Drive thru tree but not the FL-60

A car coming thru the tree

Really neat wildflowers

Live Burls on the side of a tree- don't know the cause...

A fallen giant

Dave in a hollow of a redwood

Eureka harbor & Woodley Island Marina(fresh fish dinner)

The Carson Mansion-a lumber baron

Calla Lillies-just for Larry

Bridge from Woodley Island Marina

Woodley Island Marina at sunset

Up the California coast

The wild Roosevelt Elk Herd winters in the valley by Stone Lagoon

More Elk viewing

Got a wonderful site at Mad River RV park in Arcata,Ca.for 2 nights as there is so much to see around here. Tuesday,the 2nd. we got our first viewing of the Ocean from Mad River beach city park. I just love the ocean wave sounds and we found a piece of redwood bark and a sand dollar on our beach walk-lots of sand dunes to the beach. From there we drove the Freightliner down south to the Avenue of the Giants, and Bob, you were right, we Really did have to see that. Spent the whole afternoon driving and stopping and taking pictures.Those Redwoods are really awesome, I had seen pictures but its really so much more. Can't even describe it, just WOW and more WOW. They are so huge, they even make the FL-60 look small. Dave bought me a living burl and if I plant it in dirt, I should have a redwood tree, sure hope it doesn't get too big but I had to have that. It's like a rain forest, all the humidity(almost rain but just mist) and cool temps. We stopped at Eureka,Ca on the way back to the park and visited at the harbor, they said they had no salmon now but lots of Dungeness Crab and fresh and sooo good. On the other side of the harbor, the harbor seals and sea lions have taken over several of the docks and so they just close them to people and we stand on shore and take pictures.Drove over to Woodley Island Marine for fresh fish dinner at the marina cafe.After we parked we saw signs saying no dogs on the island, well, we just closed the curtains and told the boys to be quiet, don't know if that worked but no one came to kick us off so we really enjoyed a fresh fish dinner-Dave had cajun Black Snapper and I had garlic flat grilled Halibut. both were excellent. The flowers around here are really something but brother,Larry you would really like the Calla lilys, so big and pretty. Had to stay another night because there is so much to see. So Wednesday, the 3rd. we headed up the coast to check out the Roosevelt Elk herd which winters in the valley near stone Lagoon. Wow, must have been 40 or 50 there. Tomorrow we will head up to Cresent City, Ca.

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