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The road to Crescent City, that's not a cloud-it's mist/fog

Road construction at Klameth River Bridge, protecting the mascots

The beach along Hwy.101

Look what's outside our window now, traded a big cacus for a...

Our Village Camper Inn site

Crab Pots on Citizens Dock in Crescent City

Best place in town for Clam Chowder

Dock closed to humans for Seal/Sea Lions napping

Chance barked and this big guy barked back

Crescet City Pebble beach waves

Battery Point LIghthouse, only accessable at low tide

the view from Pebble Beach lookout

On up the coast to Crescent City we go, not going to get anywhere too fast at this rate, 57 miles of travel today and staying another 2 nights but so much to see and we found a real nice Passport America park, thanks to Bob & Diana S. we just missed them as they were here and headed on.Village Camper Inn is great, right in the Redwoods, we have one behind us(just like the Saguaro cactus I had in my picture window at Florence,AZ) and another Redwood along side of us, sure makes the JourneyOn and Teton look small. We will try to do some whale waching if the fog lifts and the waves stay down. The fishermen at the docks say the waves and weather have been so bad that not many salmon are being caught but the Dungeness crabs are looking good. Lots of good clam chowder too.Found a good cafe on the docks for the best I have tasted. Some of the docks on the coast guard side were closed because the harbor seals and sea lions have taken over the docks for sunning. We took some really pretty drives along the beaches and overlooks but no luck with the whales yet.Tomorrow we will go tour the Trees of Mystery(Redwoods) and check out some more overlooks and the Smith River scenic drive.

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