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Mist/fog rolls in over road and redwoods

Mist comes up fast at the overlook, no whale watching today

Paul Bunyon & Babe( #2 for us) at Klamath.Ca. There are 4...

Ferns growing on Redwood branches

1/2way up this Redwood another tree starts from a horizotal branch

The elephant tree

The upside down tree

The cathedral tree-actually 9 trees growing together.Several weddings are held here every...

The brotherhood tree-all races,creeds & colors together honor the brotherhood of man

The Sky Trail, a great ride over the redwoods

a view from the sky trail car

mist in the redwoods from the top viewing site

a view of the ocean from the top viewing site

a beautiful wild orchid grows in the redwoods

a lightning strike in 1995 burned down this redwood,because it was hollow

Baby Cathedral tree-now taking wedding reservations for 600 years from now.

Looks like a fuschia, but it's a shrub

a lumberjacks carving of a mosquito

Dave heads for the ocean

a view from Enderts beach vista

a Baby harbor seal at the Marine Rescue center

Enderts overlook view

This Jay finds a lost potato chip

Smith River drive view

Green water but so clear you can see the rocks at the...

Myrtlewood trees

Rapids on the smith river

Wow, what a day, headed down to Klamath for the Trees of Mystery(a forest of redwood trees that are really unique) Checked athe Klamath overlook but still too much ocean mist/fog to look for any whales but saw some really beautiful scenery. I have a real hard time trying to pick a favorite, I just love all my different back yards in this great country of ours. I hope you all get to enjoy life as much as we are . We stopped at some other overlooks on our way back and then took the scenic drive thru the park in Crescent City and stopped to see the Marine rescue center and then went for a scenic drive along the Smith River. They do alot of rafting and wild water rides on this river, not sure where they fish but I hear its good. Nice drive but sure glad we didn't have the Teton on back. Saw lots of myrtlewood trees and of course every village has several places that make myrtlewood furniture and knick knacks and redwood carvings and decorations. Heading to Oregon tomorrow, not too far tho this will be a short travel day, 27 miles in all. Meeting some friends from AZ who spend time in Brookings and recommended we stop to see this area and them. More soon.

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