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More Elk under the trees off Hwy 38-scenic route to Eugene

Fruther down the road, a big herd of elk resting in the...

Following the Umpqua River

Pretty Rhodies at our lunch stop in Elkton,Or

Forest lumber harvested and replanted

Some mountains you can't go over

Headed inland to Eugene,Or to see AM solar who we got our solar panels from and Dave got to talk to Dale who is an engineer with Helitrope( they make controlers) Dale suggested coming in on Hwy 38 and back out on 126 so we could see lots of scenery and he was right. Also saw several herds of wild Elk just grazing or resting in the valleys and followed the Umpqua River on the way in and the siuslaw river on the way back to the coast. Beautiful, green,green countryside. Lots of lumbering going on but they replant all the land after harvesting the trees. Also fruit orchards and grapes growing for wine around here.Stopped at Elkton for lunch and the special was a "lumberjack brurger" so Dave had to try that(Very big) but he said it was good. Nobody at AM solar could help with the interference problem on local low channels caused by the inverter but Dale gave us some info and will email any ideas he comes up with. They install the systems but apparently don't test them because most people use Directv to get local channels, I guess or else I don't know where they are complaining but we will stop in Everett,WA. where they make the Magnum invertor we have and see if they can help. It's really frustrating that no ones seems to care but as this was Dave's business(TV,etc.) he is used to solving problems with reception and we will.. Heading back out to the coast and then I found some more Nat. Rec. area for 4 wheeling and it's Nat. Forest so with Dave's golden age pass only $8.00 a night- no services but those we don't need with out solar-battery bank set up now. If we have sunshine, I can set out here on the internet all day and not use as much as we get in so the batteries stay charged for evening use. We can do all we want, it seems at least haven't ran out of power yet.

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