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Deer at the entrance to Sand Lake

Look at all that Tillamook Cheese

Making Tillamook Ice cream

We remember these type of seperators

Green,green Washington

Sea stack rock formations

a covered pedestrian bridge

a lumber barons "castle"-what a view

crossing the Nehalem River

Big bridge and causeway

Going up

And over

And over

And down

And that's why its so high

Yellow water iris along the bank at our rest stop

More pretty flowers

and Tiny wild daisies

Re-stocking the river-releasing young fish

Lots of Cranberry bogs

Another big bridge

A really big pile of Oyster shells

Lots of Metal statues like this all thru this town

Weyerhauser Lumber & Milling-One of the biggest companies

Our spot at Quinault Casino RV lot

Our only visitors at the casino rv lot

Sunset over the ocean from our spot

We left Sand Lake Rec. area and across the roaad from the entrance saw 3 deer in the woods. Who would believe deer that close after a long weekend full of 4-wheelers & sand buggys . All 101 sites here and 80-90 in West lot(parking lot for overnights) and 40 in East lot(another parking lot type lot). It was busy and lots of fun, didn't see any bad behavior but had to rescue a young man(boy really) who slid off the trail and way down into the trees( good thing we had the winch on the front of the 4 wheeler as we hooked that to his atv and pulled him up). Didn't get too far Tuesday morning before we found Tillamook Cheese factory and of course, I needed cheese. Tillamook is a family farms owned cooperative that controls the whole process and have they gotten big and good. They have a really good self-guided tour with observation windows to watch them make, cut, package cheese and make ice cream(which is great). We sampled cheese and bought more than I planned and tried an ice cream cone- Dave had peppermint candy and I had white licorice, both were good and so we bought some ice cream too. Then after a nice visit with another customer in the parking lot about our rig and full timing(he had done it and came off for family stuff and now is looking at 2 years and they will be back on the road) So many people have good comments about having the big truck to pull our home and of course the Crystal Welding cart always brings comments( I think I should have stock in that if everyone who asks about it calls them) So back to trying to reach Washington. We almost did and then realized our fuel was low and there are no more big towns till we reach Tacoma, so back across the bridge to Oregon and fill the tanks- that takes a bite out of the checkbook now. The coast in Washington is totally different, lots of smaller rocks and sea stacks(rocks & trees that the ocean has eroded around) We had decided to stay at a casino that I found on the web at freecampgrounds.com and they welcomed us to stay and said we could park in their paved lot or go thru the gates to an RV area, not paved. Well several smaller rv's were in their lot(sorta like a walmart lot) and when Dave checked the RV area, he said" we're going there" No one was there, although if it was croweded the sites would be pretty unlevel but we just used a level area of several spots and had shrubs, dunes and another resort out the back window and dunes to the ocean out the living room windows. So we slept with ocean sounds and had a great night.

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