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Seashore on the way to Neah Bay

An eagle waits on the rocks for fish

Rock formation(called Sea Stacks)

back to the rain forest

Rocks in the Strait and Vancouver Island behind them

Welcome to Makah Nation and Cape Flattery

Neah Bay marina

A floating bridge from marina to the Straits

Hey, look at this lawn mower..

Cape Flattery Trailhead

Cape Flattery-We made it.

Tatoosh Island

Tatoosh Island Lighthouse

Sea caves at Cape Flattery

another great view

5 trees in 1, cedars doing like the redwoods

our trip home, followed by a big ship in the strait of...

Off to visit the area today, First stop is Cape Flattery, the most NW point in the lower 48 US states(after we visit Florida next year, we will have been the most NW and the most SE points and many points in between). Stopped in Neah Bay at the Makah Nation museum(the Indian nation of forest & sea hunters-seals & whales) They get 12',yes FEET of rain a year which contributes to the rain forest conditions. The museum has artifacts from Ozette collection uncovered from a Makah village partially buried by a mud slide 500 years ago. The man working the gift shop(Makah & a midwest Indian) was very interesting to talk to.He said last week at supper time one night they had an Orca family come into the bay, close to the docks, teaching baby how to hunt seals who were there to eat scraps from the fishermen cleaning their catch. Was a thrill for all of them to watch(Sure wish I could get a glimpse of one but not yet) We purchased a Makah permit to park and walk the trails( It goes to keep up the roads and trails out to Cape Flattery). After driving 7 miles, 4 on gravel roads, but not too bad, we made it to the trailhead. It says 3/4 mile boardwalk trail and someone had counted the steps and wrote it on the signboard,can't remember for sure how many but over 1000 . What a trail, some boardwalk but lots of rock and wood steps. It was a fantastic walk and beautiful views make it all worth while. The signboard said 20-30 minutes,Don't believe that.It took us an hour going in(stopped for pictures and scenery) and an hour out(stopped for rest) It was fantastic seeing Vancouver Island(Canada) across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Tatoosh island(a scared place for the Makah tribe) with the lighthouse. What a great day but it took us much longer than we thought and we still want to see more, so will stay another night and leave on Saturday.

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