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Chinook Salmon display at the fish hatchery

story on logging & fish habitat

Baby salmon(look way at the bottom-the rest is reflections

the adult pond (big fish)

view from Beach # 1

the bridge sign

the bridge

Our lunch stop

a boat coming in

a seal followed the boat to the harbor

Rain forest moss hangs from trees

Beach # 1

The Eagle had landed

Rialto Beach

A Steller Jay at Rialto beach

Decided last night we need one more day, so much still to see, can't see it all. Took off this morning and headed south to La Push( an Indian village) but found a Salmon fish hatchery on the way, so detoured there for an hour. Info center had lots of salmon info but I was surprised to learn more about why they log like they do and part of it is to protect the salmon, they clear cut but leave a ledge along streams in valleys to keep the streams clear and temps cool. They also use baloons to harvest so as not to have to make roads into all areas(that would be fun to see)They are raising what looks to be millions of baby salmon in huge cement troughs and they told us to make sure we got down to the Adult pond where the big salmon are. Boy are they smart, they hear you coming and stay back from the fence, it was hard to get pictures because of sun reflections both the big fish and little ones but I will put some here for you to see.(On the baby fish-look at the bottom of the picture to see them but they were that thick all thru the water.) Headed from there down to La Push and had packed a lunch which we enjoyed at Beach # 1 even tho it was cool & cloudy & getting misty. On our way to Beach # 1, I found another bridge(which by now you know I like to take pictures of) But this one We WILL NOT go over. We ate in the truck and watched fishermen on shore and boats coming in & out of the harbor.Seals were following them in and bald eagles soared over looking for fish. The fog was rolling in as we got ready to leave, another delay-A Bald Eagle landed in the tree we parked by for lunch, I started taking pictures and Dave got out of the truck with the video camera and walked all around taking video from 20' away,the eagle didn't fly off until he scuffed his feet. Drove over to Mora(the US Forest campground but no sites big enough for us, the sites look like just for tents and are back in the woods, way back in the woods. Stopped at Rialto Beach, this is completely different than any of the beaches we've seen, Just covered with Huge logs and a Big warmning sign: Danger be aware of logs flying on or over the beach during high tides and storms. It looks like all these came up during storms or big waves. A steller Jay landed on the logs by us. Boy are they bright, reminds me of Chrysler's Dodge color: Intense Blue.

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