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Most truck routes go around town,except in port towns-they go there &...

one of 10 Sequim lavender farms

Ft. Flagler sign

Big gun at Ft. Flagler

Bigger gun-only fired once

Ft. Flagler point & beach on the strait of Juan de Fuca

snow covered mountains in Washington across the strait

a bsrge full of grain heading for Seattle

The fast boat from Seattle to Vancouver Island

The boys play in the water

Ship carrying containers(Eric says this is how they ship most stuff now)

Ft. Flagler bunkers

Port Ludlow Marina

Best Pie in the area-Really is,Chimacum cafe

Mural on shipyard building in Point Townsend

Port Townsend marina

Ford Worden lighthouse

On the way in to the skp park we went thru a town called Sequim which is famous for lavender farms but that won't be ready till June or July. Was a busy Sunday but lots ot see and not much time in this area as we have relatives waiting in Tacoma and Yakima. So off to visit the peninsula, Started at Fort Flagler State park and almost had a job as the man at the museum talked to us about hosting and volunteering for the parks. Had to go across to an Island to reach this park and the first island,Indian island is Navy and Very private(no entrance..) then out to Marrowstone island and on to the tip where the state park is. What a great park, they have a museum with the history of this fort which was used to protect our shores during WWI and WWII, they never really had a threat but really have a lot of the history here and a VERY big gun that they only fired one time to test it and blew out windows in town. Dave sure enjoyed going through the bunkers and we both enjoyed the museum and the beach, so did the boys(my puppies played in the water) We watched a barge full of grain pulled in by a tug, a fast cruiser ferry from Seattle to Vancouver Island, sail boats and a big ship full of containers,like our storage unit. Then we went back across the bridge to Port Orchard and to Chimacum for the best Pie around(they are right it's fantastic..) and on to Port Townsend which has a great marina & harbor. I finally found a pot for my Redwood burl that Dave bought me so got that planted, sure hope I don't really grow a redwood tree but it's cute now. We visited Fort Worden State park which is way on the tip of the peninsula but it was raining when we got there. Still checked it out and got a picture of the lighthouse. They have a really nice campground there too.

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