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Lake Cresent view

Deer along the trail to Marymere Falls

The first part of the trail to Marymere

there were 2 real log bridges like this

Marymere Falls-90 feet of gushing water

Dave at the lookout

Another view of the falls

the other 1/8 of the trail-steps from here up

an interesting tree root on the trail

Back to the scenic highway 101 and across to Evergreen Coho SKP park(another of our Escapees club parks)with stops at Lake Cresent and Marymere Falls along the way. Still won't be a long day but hopefully the weather stays nice. Highway 101 follows Lake Cresent all along the southern edge so lots of great views but not room for many turnouts to stop, escpecially when we are 64' long so I took pictures and we just enjoyed the views. Lake Cresent is a glacier lake and so is very,very cold and deep-600' deep and a premier catch and release fishing lake and we can see why. We stopped at Marymere Falls after checking to make sure there was room to park(we took one whole parking area) but they weren't busy. The trail is a mile each way with 7/8 easy walking and the last 1/8 just about straight up. A couple we met on the trail recommended we take the falls loop in reverse to the arrows because the one way is steps all the way up and a long slant(that gets slippery) down and it's much easier to walk the slant up, Boy am I glad they told us. It was a hard walk up the slant but sure worth it when we saw the view. They had lots of snow out here and warm weather is melting it fast so the falls are really full and gushing. a Great view and the sound is just awesome, Dave took video just so we would have the sound. It was misting and cloudy by the time we got to the SKP park, but what a nice place and lots of friendly people. Of course we still get an audience to check out the rig when we pull in to park but they have a great park layout with nice wide level pull thru spots for dry camping and only $2.50 a night which is great for us because even with the clouds our solar system and battery bank gives us enough power even with the big tv on for news.

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