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a Monkey tree at the skp park

Floating bridge across the hook canal

The narrows bridge into Tacoma(building a new one along side)

hanging cables for the new bridge

Going into to Boehms chocolate-YUM

Snoqualmie Falls

Another Falls picture

See the cavity generating station water re-entering the stream on the right

Lots of mist rising from the Falls

the changing Washington weather

driving by the glass museum cone in Seattle

old Tacoma

a pier on Pt. Defiance drive

a beach along Pt. Defiance drive

Pt. Defiance sign

ajogger pointed out an eagle high above us in the tree

a really interesting buildig in Tacoma

Look at this bridge

all the "New" foreign cars unloaded from ships

the cranes used to unload the shipping containers

On to Tacoma, we were so busy having fun with relatives, Diane & Eric and their kids & grandkids-Boy it's been a long time and these kids have grown up. We had decided to park at a casino in Tacoma because we sure didn't need hook ups and as it turned out we weren't home enough to need anything. Diane & Eric were our wonderful chauffeur,tour guide and chef-Boy did we eat good. And got to see all the sites around town, some I hadn't even thought of. It was a great visit but I totally forgot to take pictures of family but we will not forget them. Went across lots of bridges, drove thru Seattle, out to a wonderful Chocolate factory(Boehms),did the 5 mile Pt. Defiance drive and ate on the waterfront,and even contributed to our parking spot in the casino,Eric says we can stay another few days and visited another great waterfall,Snoqualmie Falls Thank You soo much Diane,Eric,David,Barbara,Kathy,Pat,Paul,Chrissy, and Jada. Sorry we missed Anthony & Courtney and Cody maybe next time we get to town. Snoqualmie Falls is 300' and they divert to 2 Hydro plants thru a vertical shaft and so produce 30,090 KW of electricity(enough to power 16,000 homes) If you look close you can see the divereted water re-entering the stream at the bottom of the falls way on the right side.

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