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Magnum Energy factory

Heading up to Snoqualmie Pass

Clouds in the mountains

More clouds and rain going up

Oh no, the ski resort is closed(haha)

Plenty left along side our road

view into a big valley

Cherry orchards(covered to protect from rain and splitting)

Rain in the valley

Down into the valley

Yakima in the rain

Left Tacoma Thursday am and headed to Everett to stop at Magnam Energy factory to see if they can figure out why we have low tv channel interference off our antenna when the invertor is on(They make the invertor) Dave & Dave(their technician) worked on it for 4-5 hours and could find no solution. They finally admitted they had gotten other complaints but had no ideas that worked. Guess we will try to figure something out later. They offered a nice spot in their lot for overnight and so we stayed and left for Yakima after the am traffic rush on Friday. Sure didn't want to drive thru Memorial day traffic but we beat it and found a real nice spot(even if Dave had to back up the driveway hill to park. Got our first crabby neighbor but shortly after he complained about missing his nap, they started practicing for the stock car races just behind us so figure he got what he deserved. More relatives to visit(if this keeps us I will need more than a diet to help) Kate came over and picked us up and we went to their place and out to dinner and a vintage car & Harley show. What a good time. Dave's car would have done good here. Still chilly here at night and raining off and on but so far has stopped for all our tourist stops so won't complain.Got free wifi here but not fast enough for loading pictures so Dave set up my Direcway and between updates, I wash clothes,etc.

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