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Wemas valley

Wemas fishing before the dam

a nice Rv park

a one man boat at the fishing spot

apple & cherry orchards by Naches

grafting new types of apples

what a campsite along the river

A usfs campsite along the river

Clear Lake

The Teiton River roaring along

Rimrock Lake

the Teiton River

It's raining in Selah(where Dick & Kate live)

Elk country

View of the west end valley & Yakima

What a great time we've had and continued today. Dick & Kate picked us up and we headed to Wenas Valley a beautiful area with apple orchards, cherry orchards, vineyards, fishing lakes,rivers and lots of usfs(forest service) or BLM (government land) campsites which we checked out to see where we could fit.Saw how they graft on apple trees to get new trees of the fancy kinds that everyone seems to want now. Went on a drive up to White pass and stopped at Rimrock Lake and Clear Lake and Wemas river fishing. Saw lots of great scenery and alot of people camping but they weren't full. Checked out the area where Dick & Kate used to live and also went thru Wemas and overlooked the whole valley. after a short rest, we drove over to Dick & Kate's and Dick fixed game hens BarBQued(the BEST I have had) and we have another great meal with them before heading to Walmart for dog food(they have to eat too) and Dave needed to get some more video tape for his videos of this trip. Now home to finsih this while he plans our next couple stops and we're ready to head out tomorrow am.

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