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the medina








50 or more food stalls just like this one pop up at...

alspice tea after dinner

these guys are expensive(dont make eye conntact or you will be reaching...

fresh oj on a hot day..good stuff


sweets anyone?




snails in a blonde broth is a nice starter

Marrakesh lives up to its name,the red sun baked buildings,snake charmers,musicians,preformers,storytellers,orange juice dealers as well as the massive souq with every handicraft under the sun imagineable, all make up this lively medina. The nightly open air make shift restaurant in the main square(place djemma el Fna)serve up tajine(stew)couscous,kebabs,fish,calamari as well as an assortment of moroccan salads. You can also get escargot from the snail vender dude,comes with broth and under a dollar. Marrakesh in general is a fun city. there are loads of palaces and museums to check out,its too bad it is so difficult to enter mosques in this country.

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