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Blue Herons on the Little Camas Reservoir on the Anderson Ranch reservoir...

Gold Mines, Maybe we should come back?

a lava ledge across the road on the way to Shosone Ice...

parked at the Ice caves

the small black hill was the volcano that caused these Ice caves

Dave & our tour guide head into the cave

Dave & I on the floating bridge over the ice sheet in...

The Ice penquin(really a rock covered with ice)

Ice cones

a sheet of ice crystals forming

a view of the cave from outside

First view of Craters of the Moon

The Road Construction

Craters of the Moon

Lava fields in the park

A Wall map of the park

Another crater area

Mountain wall of graduating class years at Arco,ID.

North Tourist Park -our free camping for the night in Idaho Falls

June 1st, Wow, it's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we had the auction and sold the stick house. When I look back we have seen so much and been so many places but we both can't wait for the next adventure- So Much more to see and do. I have been back to some of the places I traveled with my family(Mom,Dad,3 brothers and 1 sister) in a pop up tent trailer back in 1963 and it sure has been fun but I like having my big Teton home with us this time. We went to Seaside,Or,Tacoma,Wa,Craters of the Moon park,Jackson Hole,WY,The Grand Teton nat. park and Yellowstone park then and shortly I will have made all those stops again. On June 1st. we decided to try the North Tourist Park( a free one night municipal park in Idaho Falls, Id. It was great, lots of trees,grass, picnic tables and easy to get into . We had breakfast at Burger King( this is the first fast food we can remember on this trip)then started out for the Shosone Ice caves,they have a huge dinosaur in the parking area and a new tour guide who really gave us a nice tour with lots of information(she was new) The caves were caused by volcano lava which cooled and left a hard crust over the ground. The ice was really something until they opened them up and then the outside temps started to melt it away so the man who bought it from the government and his family have done a lot to seal it back up and control the temps so that ice is re-forming again. It was really interesting. From there we drove on to Craters of the Moon park, I remembered how it looked but not how big an area it is or all the improements they have made to the rv park and the main visitors center. Even tho we had a bad stretch of road construction in & out of the park(many miles) It was worth it and we spent some time checking it all out.

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