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Arriving at Teton factory

Building a new Teton home-factory tour

factory tour

A Casper landmark

We arrived on the 6th in the afternoon and were told they are a week behind so guess we will camp at Camp Teton(Really, they have 6-8 spaces with water & electric set up) Was not how we planned as we would have loved to stay in the Tetons had we known but we'll make the best of it and I can get this website updated and do some of the repairs we were planning on back in Mn.Nice Teton owners filling all the other spots welcomed us and told us about the lounge with coffee,tv,cold water and pop and Wednesday is pizza lunch all put on by Teton. We went on a factory tour and saw how they make these trailers and I was impressed by how much hand work goes into them, they make all their own cabinets and woodwork pieces- even the laser cutting of the decorations in the wood. Quite a factory they have here, just need a litle more help in the serviced department as they have lost workers to the oil fields(better pay) and that's why they got behind. Sure hope it's not too long. Oh we went over the repairs we had talked about doing- replacing the slide seals and repair of the sides around the bedroom slide and Jeff(the coordinator) said worst case $12,000. We told him NO WAY.. so waiting for a revised estimate in writing but after his techinician(who we can't talk to) looked they figure maybe closer to 3-4,000. and that's more like we figured. Well more later.

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