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Half Moon Cay

This is an island in the Bahamas owned by the cruise line. It had only just reopened following damage suffered during the recent hurricanes. When we arrived another ship was already there and both ships shared the island for the day. (The Oosterdam was about half as big again as the Volendam holding 1900 -2000 passengers). The crews

from the ships bring all the supplies onto the island and "locals" from nearby islands travel over when the ships are in to act as tour conductors and guides.

This is a beautiful little island with a passage cut through the coral to allow the tenders access to the docking facility at the constructed resort of bars and shops & general facilities. It was raining a little in the morning but cleared to a fine (and very warm) day. The main attraction is the swimming beach but there is also an huge lagoon in the island. We chose to go kayaking on the lagoon which was crystal clear. The only fauna we saw were stingrays & a giant starfish though Barry & Marion saw a giant conch in the morning session.

The beach is all decked out with lollabouts, cabanas, some huts (air conditioned) fitted with hammocks & showers. The swimming area is netted to prevent humans feeding the big fish. Great beach with the water being clear and a refreshing temperature. Enjoyed our swim & headed back on board to prepare for the final evenings festivities.

Once again we dined at the finest restaurant on board - The Pinnacle. The food & service here is as good as it gets (unanimous opinion). French shampoo ,ZD Chardonney from Napa Valley and some great reds - Stewie shouted a bottle of the renowned Opus One ($150 US a bottle) to help wash down the magnificent rib on the bone steaks.

A wonderful ending to a most entertaining & enjoyable experience.

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