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Devin at the Hinckley Fire Museum

Helping put up the new sunshade

Devin cooked super for all of us

August runaway-1st.stop-Treasure City(the girls at the farm)

Lucy can ride the dog

The girls in Paul Bunyon's hand

Heather likes the llama, Jen's not so sure.

More Sandhill cranes in the field along the driveway to Joyce &...

Ok, I really am back here the next day. We had a really good time with our Grandson Devin and he had fun riding the scooter and atv around here when he wasn't helping Dave or Virg. Then August is my family's Annual August runaway for the girls. My Mom and I and niece, Jennifer started this tradition in 1992 after a long stretch of bad Augusts( family deaths) so we decided not to do August, just run away, so far it has worked, we broke the string of losing someone every 2 years and the runaway has become a really special time for us girls to get together. We pick a different area(within a days drive) and choose things to see and do around there. This year we added my new great-niece, Lucy who arrived here from Ethiopia last October and her grandma, Karin(my sister-in-law) next year we hope to add another sister-in-law(that's you-Liz) and another niece(that's you Sheri) and my daughter,Hope and grand-daughter Naomi so the group will be much larger. We have been busy looking for a new camera- I love my little digital but sure got frustrated last year in Yellowstone & the Tetons with not having enough zoom so have researched for a digital slr with interchangeable lenses. Also of course, it's time to plan this falls trip- We are heading to Florida to spend some time with my daughter's family and planning stops to visit 4wheeling friends from AZ. last year and also a night at the Grand Old Opry(boy am I excited- I got tickets to see Charley Pride.) Then Dave will again fly back to Mn. for deer hunting and after the holidays in Fl. we will head over to Texas to join Joyce & Virge there in the valley . So much to see & do and Yes we both still LOVE this lifestyle and are enjoying this country of ours so much.

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