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Dave with his Sister,Joyce at the Hinckley car show

Seegebarth's pond(our front yard) practicing with new camera

Look at their apple tree

Mn. hummingbird(taken out my back window)

Dave playing with the new zoom lens-Boy am I going to love...

Dave got the geese landing in the pond

Surprise-Dave working with the dogs to let them run loose and come...

Clse up of the cattails at the pond-Love my new camera

Dave's car at the Hinckley show

Another fun car at the show

Ok, I am finally on the right date. We have started getting ready to travel again so the Freightliner has gotten new shoes(tires) We had to replace the front two in California after a bad alignment in Az. so really had to search to get the same tires for the back but found them, not in the big cities but the small town of Sandstone(close to us-11 miles) and cheaper than the cities IF you can call those big tires cheap.$2200. for 4 new ones and then yesterday Dave took it down to I-state for an oil change and check up so now it's ready to roll. Would be nice if the diesel prices fall along with gas from now til Oct but we have to wait and see, it's till cheaper than paying house payments and taxes,etc. and much more fun. Ok I got my new camera and a couple lenes( I'm spoiled, I know- Dave is so good to me) so I will show you a couple pictures as I am really practicing. There's a lot more to this camera, OH its a Canon 30d with the Canon 17-85 IS lens and a Tokina 80-400 and a 1.4 extender. Wow is it great. We will be going back to National Camera for a couple free classes on how to use this camera and I will have to learn a new way to post and email pictures as the new picture files and 3+MB's so have to resize them. Can't wait to find some of the long shots I couldn't get last year and hope to get good with this camera before we head to Alaska. Well, our August-September is getting busy-we have relatives from Wa. coming for a few days, friends from 4 wheeling in Az coming for a few days, My mom is having her second cataract surgery-so I'll spend a few days there,and I just finished making 7 birthday/anniversary cards and I have 3 more to get done this week. We plan to head out October 9 so will try to keep up as we get ready . More soon.

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