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A Tintin Resturant!!!!!

Would you buy banana bread from this man????

I didnt manage to sell any bread though.....funny that!!!

Finding way back to town, from a local´s point of view

Workers drying coffee beans - by Candida

Coffee beans drying - by Candida

Fantastic shot of locals taken by Candida

The face of Candida, budding photographer.. anyone willing to buy her a...

I swam nearby!!

Although I was feeling really hungry, found myself walking into an internet cafe. As I was typing away, saw some familiar faces... Funnily enough, were the three Belgian guys (town planners) who stayed in my first hostel in Antigua! It´s funny how you end up meeting the same people all the time!

When I left the internet cafe, bumped into Arial (again) who was on his way to have breakfast with his friends. Since I was starving, that was a pretty welcomed suggestion! Unfortunately he seemed to be lost as well. Luckily some banana bread girls appeared shortly later, and they took us back to town - whilst trying to sell us bread of course! Arial distracted them by imitating them carrying the basket of bread on his head. It worked, but they made me do it too.... They loved playing with my camera too, and you can see some of their snaps....

It was really hot, and really fancied taking a swim in the lake. Sonny came with me to find the swimming spot (for foreigners), which also overlooks some of the locals washing themselves and their clothes. A real experience and was so much fun!

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