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Beach at Tamarindo


Tanis sand art

Worst roads ever

Pre surf lesson





Rainbow after the rain

The "Witch's Tit" a popular drink at the the Witch's Rock Surf...

Pacific Sunset

Hola from Tamarindo...

We made our way to Tamarindo which is on the Pacific Coast from La Fortuna via a charter through Interbus. We felt pretty banged up by the time we arrived, as the Costa Rican roads leave much to be desired. Actually, you can hardly call them roads. We arrived in Tamarindo after a very tiring four and a half hour ride. When we arrived in Tamarindo, we didn't actually know where we were going to stay, but fortunately a girl on our transfer suggested a place, Hotel Chocolate. So far, the recommendations of others have served us well.

We checked into Hotel Chocolate which is very cute with nine suites with a kitchenette, "borrowed" satelite tv and a pool.

We wandered down into town and toured around. Tamarindo is not overly large, but a well known surfing haunt, with lots of surf shops and restaurants. It is currently the tail end of the rainy season throughout Central America. To this point, we have been very fortunate for the fact that we've encountered very little rain and it has been unseasonably warm. Well, I think the rain is trying to catch up for lost time. We were filthy by the time we returned from our walk and a trip to the grocery store. The roads are unbelievably bad here, and flip flops are a guaranteed way to either slide around with a good chance of falling, or covering yourself from head to foot with mud.

Once the rain stopped, we went to the beach to Witch's Rocks for "nachos as big as your a*s" and a few drinks while watching the surfers get their last few waves before dusk.

The next day, we had arranged surfing lessons through Banana Surf Club with Gucci, who asked if we were "ready to change our lives"...sure, sounds good. It had cleared up and the sun was shining, so we were hopeful for a great day. We headed out with our instructor to the beach, and were somewhat concerned when he looked at the waves that were large and crashing very close together. The wind had shifted and it began to rain as we started our dry land training. We decided to give it a go and faught our way out against the waves. Do you know how hard it is to push an eight foot longboard over or through the waves without being sent flying? It is quite a skill. I (Tanis) was able to balance on my board and with the instructor's help, he held the end of the board and would push you on top of the wave and tell you when to get up. I was able to get up the first time, only to realize that the water is a completely different beast than skiing or even wakeboarding. I then immediately flailed off the board. I was able to get up a bit longer one more time, but we were being tossed around like rag dolls in the waves. After filling our swim suits with sand and our sinuses with salt water, our

instructor called it a day. We were given our money back due to the conditions and we bought t-shirts instead. So far, I'm not feeling that different.

We had an amazing dinner at Dragonfly restaurant and enjoyed getting tips on Nicaragua from the waitress Bashiba.

Tamarindo is a fun town with lots to see and do, if you can bear with the roads.

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