Benson, Arizona is a sleepy town that is the gateway to a number of southern attractions and home of many RV winter parks. We are staying at the Butterfield RV park which is in town and has a number of amenities. This morning (1/11/07) I went to the community hall and had some donuts that were supplied by an RV dealer in Tucson. Apparently they come to a number of RV parks to show off their coaches and offer free donuts. The cake ones were delicious!

We spent our first day in Benson checking the layout of the town, finding the important things; Wal-Mart, Dairy Queen and the local donut shop. Everything is within bicycle riding distance. Gene had a speed bump incident on his bicycle in the Safeway parking lot and went over his handlebars and not only bruised his ego, but his knee, elbow, hand and shoulder. After bandaging him up, he saddled up again and we rode to Dairy Queen and a Butterfinger Blizzard fixed him right up!

There is quite the railroad traffic here in Benson. They have a lovely Amtrak station in town and the sounds of train whistles go from dawn to dawn. Who would have thought there would be so many trains in this part of the country. I think many of the train engineers like to lay on the horn for ages during the middle of the night. Gene said he thinks it's because the engineers figure if they have to be awake, so does the entire population along their routes. Who knows.........

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