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We began our 2007 adventures in our new rig with a "shakedown" ( hopefully not "breakdown") trip to SE Arizona. We started this trip back on December 29 and got all the way from Mesa AZ to Chandler AZ, or about 12 miles, when we blew a tire. So, $200 lighter in the pocket, we returned home, ordered 6 new tires with the SmarTire System from Camping World (you don't want to know how much lighter we were after that little shopping trip) and then waited for some warm weather to travel again. ( We have had the coldest winter in 30+ years this season.) Finally....

Benson is our home base for two days. I have dubbed Benson the "Gateway to the Great Southeast". It needs a slogan, it needs some life, it really needs something. Case in point, while having dinner last evening at the highly touted Horseshoe Cafe in downtown Benson we asked our young, nice-looking waitress what there is to do in Benson. She replied, with a knowing gleam in her eye, "Nothing but get into trouble." Now, as a former Community/Economic Development specialist I can see nothing but potential here. Benson is the jumping-off point for Tombstone, Bisbee, Douglas....what tourism opportunities there are! But, alas, it is a location waiting to happen. Too many people with blinders on....

We selected the Butterfield RV Park out of the Woodalls Directory. It is right in beautiful downtown Benson and not far from the aforementioned tourist traps of the southeast---but tourist traps or not, everyone should see Tombstone and Bisbee.

Tombstone is the epitome of tourist trap---there is nothing but come-ons in this town. But some money has been spent to make it look like it did back in the Earp/Doc Holliday days. Utilities are underground and not in the way of picture-taking, the "old" buildings are all nicely painted, the wooden side-walks are all clean, so we came away with a good feeling. You don't have to be a western afficianado to appreciate the history here. All in all, very much worth a stop.

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