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Realised how quickly time was going, and if I was to make it to Nicaragua to see Astrid - my lovely house/roommate in Antigua, before she flies back to the UK, I had better make a move, and zoom through three Central American countries in two days.

Said good bye to Reto in Rio Dulce... his bus arrived late, so our buses drove off at the same time... him northwards, and mine southwards to Guatemala City for my connecting bus to Managua, Nicaragua via San Salvador, El Salvador. The journey was uneventual, but long, and I fell asleep listening to various songs in English and Spanish (always sad love songs)...

My bus was hideously late arriving in Guatemala City, but luckily, not so late that missed all connections to San Salvador. Got myself a seat on a King Quality Bus, complete with video, meal, attendents, and ridiculasly large legroom. Haven´t been on such a nice bus before! Did feel somewhat out of place in my combats, and everyone else in business suits...

Although El Salvador, and particularly its captial San Salvador has a very bad reputation for crimes, due to its still recent Civil War and numerous possessions of guns, I was pretty well sheltered on the King Quality bus. Apart from the Nicaraguan border crossing, we didn´t even have to get off the bus for the immigration.

I felt so detached sitting on the top of the double decker bus, looking at the passing beautiful volcanoes, lakes, forests, shanty towns, and prefabricated Americanised shopping malls and semi detached houses. It was good for the speed of zooming across three countries in two days, but I much prefer the whole interactive and interesting chicken bus rides... even if it meant I had to keep an eye on my bagpack and no-one watching it for me if I needed to use the bathroom. It meant I could see the real Central America.

A good thing that came out of the King Quality bus journey though, was meeting Zara, a funky young lawyer in New York, without all the snobbishness of lawyers. In fact she didn´t even take out her nose ring for her interview! She´s also very well travelled, and well built, so would help deter anyone from attacking us!

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