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Broken seats on the bus... for the next few hours!

Cheerfully decorated interior of the rickety chicken bus

And we're off! For some stunning mountain scenery...

...and close up of roadside vegetations...


My bus neighbours always curious to see a camera

A quick unofficial stop for a passenger to buy some snack

View of neighbouring mountains...

...and vallies...


Writing on the distant mountains

Embarked on a five hours journey, from Metapan to Citala - a village on the El Salvadorian-Honduran border. Thought it would be interesting to see the view, as my Bible (Lonely Planet Central America on a Shoestring handbook) descibed it to be the "Best journey" in El Salvador.

Took a little while to find the bus stop (limited Spanish, ok), and found that the chicken bus was in fact as little, old and rickety as described in my guidebook. It was full, when we departed, and I felt slightly bad for taking up unnecessary space. My ride was simply for fun - not like the man next to me, who came to Metapan and onwards to Santa Ana for a x-ray with a doctor. The journey was nice, lots of beautiful up and down, and winding roads to see the mountains congregated around this area. Could also observe the various village scenes as well.

The terminus at Citala wasn't very prominent, and had to jump off the bus before I missed the border altogether! So this brought an end to my couple of days of adventure in El Salvador. But have I really seen much of the country? Or merely collecting a stamp in my passport? Well, next time, have to go back and see some more interesting towns and cities - like Suchitoto. But for now, I find myself El Poy - the Honduras border town.

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