First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog

driving to the depot

loading the train

our turn

not much wiggle room

bundled up

bridging the gap

on deck

tie the wheels down

view from the roof

the whole fleet

the road ahead

A short drive brought us to 7,500 feet and into the clouds which had frosted the trees in the freezing temperatures. Thankfully we descended a bit out of the fog to the train yard in La Junta, but the winds were blowing fiercely. We formed three lines and the train workers loaded us aboard the flat bed cars. As the first RV came to the end of the first car, the workers laid platforms between the train cars so it could move ahead to the next train car. For rigs such as ours, this was an especially tricky manuever since the truck's tires are much closer together than the trailer's tires and the platforms had to be readjusted between axles. The workers placed each of us on the extreme left hand edge of the car so that there would be enough room to get into the trailer door. We are able to move out our slide outs enough so we can get out our clothes out of the closet and get into the frig, but that's only the case when the train is standing still. Loading 23 rigs took about three hours altogether. An amazing operation.

It is about 40 degrees and so windy that many of us spent the afternoons in our rigs. The strong winds did push the overcast away and the sunshine and blue skies raised our spirits, but I am typing this wearing my parka. Our faces are scarlet with wind burn.

We were bused in the middle of an apple orchard in this very agricultural area for a delicious dinner that included apple soup. We have eaten out every night since our tour began, but after one more dinner out, I will be back on duty.

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