First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog

it's great to be outside!

along the river

through the valley

bridge across the valley

hope that doesn't happen to us

entering the tunnel

another view

going around the mountain

lush valley

on the edge


train in the valley

valley farm


train picnic

In olden times when we still used film in our cameras, we used to describe the caliber of a travel day by the number of rolls of film we had shot. Today was a day where I was grateful that I did not have to stop and change film. We left the little burg of Bahuichivo at 5,100 feet and descended to sea level in 150 miles. The day started below freezing and we could not see out of our frost covered windows at first. But then as we twisted and wound through canyon after canyon we couldn't shoot photos fast enough. The Chihuahua Pacifico Railroad is truly an engineering marvel. We passed through over 80 tunnels; one was over a mile long. Thanks to all the precipitation we have been enduring, there were waterfalls everywhere, sometimes pouring over our heads. We passed over the Rio Fuerte River on a bridge trestle hundreds of feet in the air supported only by the train tracks, no railing of any sort on either side. As we descended the temperature crept up and the vegetation became more lush. Spring flowers bloomed and mangos hung from the trees. After lunch we took out our lawn chairs and sat on our train car bed in front of our rig. It felt so good to have the sunshine and warm breezes in our faces. It was tough choosing one picture to post today and my words are terribly inadequate. I can't wait to show you at least one roll more...

Tonight we are enjoying our last snooze in a railyard in Los Mochis. We arrived in the dark after an eleven hour trip doing those 150 scenic miles, but the sound of trains slamming into each other as cars are connected and dropped tells us that this is a busy place. We have run out of propane since we ran the furnace so much the last few days, which makes showering (no hot water), cooking (no flame) and refrigeration (no pilot light) problemmatic. However, we still have a bit of gas for the generator and the frig temp is beginning to drop again. It's a pleasant 60 degrees so we won't miss the furnace at all tonight.

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