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The address to my new home is really cute, it translates to mean as follows... "In front of the Park, Tarcoles, Costa Rica, House colour Purple". Not sure how reliable the address if for the post, but that is the Tico way!

I am living with the Adanis family, a large and sprawling clan. In the house itself, there are the parents, Miriam and Urbanof (not sure about the spelling though!), and their two daughters, Yahia (22 years old) and Anlli (20). Also for around the same time as me, my new French brother Sami, also 23, but a couple of months younger, hence he has to take orders from me.

Across the park lives more members of Miriam´s family... some brothers and sisters, and hence more cousins. I am not totally sure of everyone´s relationships though. Internet access (albeit slow) is available on Micheal´s computer (Anlli´s cousin), whose Dad is currently working in the States, hence able to send money to buy nice computer, printer and playstation for him. His sister, Fiorelli (6) is really cute, and is one of the kids I have befriended. Another of my good friends is Hiliary (8), Miriam´s granddaugher (and Fioelli´s second cousin), who is very very cute and believes I am a princess, from the photo of my summer ball dress. She also fancies Irish Rob! Also, Sharon (4) hangs out with us quite a bit too. I am also increasingly understanding what they are talking about, which is good!

Being Catholics, I had the impression they were strict and conservative. Anlli´s boyfriend Juan Jose stays round frequently, and Hiliary herself was not planned, and has two fathers and mothers. They also enjoy talking explicitly about sex (and enthusiatically showing off their English vocabs) after dinner with the whole family on the porch - which I didn´t fancy joining in. They are also tolerant of homosexuals, and Anlli happily saying she has many friends who are gay (envy, envy!) or lesbians. As for alcohol, bottles of rum were consumed in the two beach parties which I have already experienced in my first week. The first (Yanick´s leaving do) I got hopelessly drunk, and couldn´t identify the disco we were dancing at, when we spoke to the owner the next day. The second, I managed to exercise more self control, with the knowledge of a working day in a few hours´ time.

Am also fortunately getting on well with Sami, who is an eccentric Frenchman with an ear and body for music. I surprised him with my vast volume of camp songs yesterday when we ended up walking the whole way back after work... Somehow, no body fancied giving us a lift. It might have something to do with Sami´s new artifical stomache (containing his work clothes), highly pulled up pants and wriggling in a strange fashion, and not to mention my jumping up and down "mashing potatoes"! It was fun nonetheless, and now he knows I was not the timid and shy little girl he once thought (unless being harassed by Sharon, our boss at our painting job).

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