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Visitor centre to National Park Carara

16.12.04 Angi's boyfriend Juan Jose in English Class...

...Professor listening patiently for Juan Jo's verbal presentation on cooking...

...Michael memorises his script as best as he could...

...Angie still nervous standing in front of the classroom...

...now for everyone to have a taste!

17.12.04 Hilary, Sami and Yannick...

...at Fiorella's graduation (second from the left, with bunches)...

...the proud family standing by...

...Fiorella in her flower costume...

...in the school play...

Who's the flower? (Sami, my homestay brother)

(Yannick, leaving soon)

(Hilary, aged 8 - Miriam's granddaughter)

(Yat, just arrived)

Sun about setting into the Pacific Ocean...Time for Yannick's leaving party!

18.12.04...First site visit to the Boy Scout Camp - to build a...

...boyscout Tony (aged 18) at the boy scout campsite

Bird and human footprints found on the beach

Sunset at the mouth of the Tarcoles River, running through the village...

Number of times swam in the Pacific Ocean... 3

Number of beach parties... 2

Pieces of meat eaten so far... A small bite of tuna, which was told was frijoles (black beans), and lots of chicken stock used by Miriam in her cooking - what can I say..???

Number of possible projects... 5

Number of times visited National Park... 0

Number of crocodiles met so far... Half a corpse on the beach (was relieved to hear the crocodiles are actually in the river way down the road from the village)

Number of snakes seen so far... Half, also a corpse on the way to the Boy Scouts (though Sami saw one on the roof of the building they were painting before I arrived)

Number of mosquitoes so far... Many, seems to taste even better being vegetarian and drunk

Number of times missed bus.... 0 (very impressive)

Number of times gone to Jaco for the internet... 4

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