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It was little wonder Sami and I looked forward to our little vacation for the New Year, despite not having worked very hard. There was somthing nice about going on the bus, and knowing would be able to go travelling again for a bit. I didnt realise that I would get the itchy feet so soon into my stay in Tarcoles, though I am sure by the time I have to leave, I would feel sad and wonder why I didnt make the most of my time here, when I had the opportunity...??

Something amazing happened in San Jose though. Was unusually good with my sense of direction, and didnt get lost once - believe it or not! Somehow managed to more or less remember the which blocks to go down, and counted the correct number of blocks to turn left or right. Either received a belated present from Santa, or have stolen all of Samis sense of direction, because which ever way he turned, it was always wrong that day!

We had decided to visit a musuem, my choice being the Museum of Space, and Form, which was apparently very kiddie friendly and only down the road from our hostel, the Costa Rica Backpacker. However, after taking a few interesting photos, discovered that it was closed for the vaction. All the other musuems were closed too, even the National Theatre, where I had hoped to pick up a schedule of events for later. So we had little choice but to lounge around the hostel, which was complete with a garden, swimming pool, restuarant, free internet access, book exchange, cable TV and cheap international phone calls.

When we managed to get moving towards the Central Market to buy a pair of sandels for Sami, they were closing, and the rest of the attempt at shopping also proved to be fairly fruitless. So though it was early, we took the bus to the nearby university town of San Pedro, where it was reputed to have good restuarants, bars and nightlife. I was also becoming increasing proud of my Lonely Planet guide, which I believe to have almost everything you need to know!

San Pedro itself was disappointing. Yes, there were bars and resturants, but the roads were awful, not only uneven and broken, but also dotted with litter. We ate on the front porch of a bar more or less peacefully, whilst the large back room was filled with people dedicated to a football game.

Was excited to see some ex-US school buses, and screamed out "Chicken bus!" whenever they went by. They werent painted interestingly though, and we didnt get to ride one. Oh, how I miss the good old chicken buses!!

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