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Tamarindo, Nosara, Samara

I spent a week in Costa Rica prior to Christmas. This was partly to explore the northern region and partly to exit Nicaragua for more than 48 hours, as Canadians only have 30 day visas to Nicaragua. It was a great time.

Being the first day to travel solo it was a comfort to bump into an old friend, Ana, from Spanish school in Antigua at the boarder. We literally bumped into each other while walking across from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. After trying unsuccessfully to hitch a ride into Costa Rica we caught a bus and made our way to Liberia. Arriving in Liberia with no plans, Ana and I decided to spend the night and spend some time deciding on our next destination. Liberia is a fine town. Being the capital of the region it has a lot to offer with a little-big city feel.

The next morning Ana and I headed to the famous Tamarindo beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula. Arriving in the midday sun and wondering around trying to find hotels that no longer exsisted was exhausting. We finally decided on Tsunami Backpackers, an over-priced hostel along the main road...or highway into Tamarindo. We did like the town. It was over crowded and covered with hotels. The beach was beautiful, but very busy. A real change from Nicaragua. After a couple of nights, we had had enough.

From Tamarindo we travelled south down the peninsula to Nosara. We again struggled without reservations to find a decend inexpensive place to stay. We ended up at the Beattle Bar near the village, about 5km from the beach. We rented bike the following day and spent hours biking from beach to beach. It was great, empty huge beaches. One problem was the incrediable winds that made the dirt roads into sand storms. Because of our position (so far from the beach) we decided to move on to the next town south and explore another beach area.

The next day we headed to Samara. Our travels involved a bus ride to the turn off to Samara followed by a hitch into town. After wondering around we settled on a small room outside of the town in the next village... it was a great walk down the beach into Samara. We spent a few days here, having a great time in the ocean and wondering the town.

After our week of travelling together it was time to split. I had plans for Christmas in Nicaragua and Ana was going to continue her travels south.

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