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First morning view from cabin window - Snares Island

My first zodiac cruise - I look the part, and I didn't...

Penguins at Snares Island

This is the closest sub-Antarctic island to New Zealand (some 200 kms south of Bluff NZ) where there are many breeds of birds, including albatross, terns and penguins. We are not allowed to land due to a protection program being in place, but will cruise the coastline.

Awoke at 0830 hours to a beautiful sunny day and pretty calm seas. We have been divided into four penguin groups - I'm in the gentoos - my group was the last to go on the zodiac cruise today. There were nine in the boat. It is quite a effort to get dressed, go down to the mud room and get on the zodiac. Lucky it is relatively calm. We cruised for an hour, there were plenty of sea lions, penguins and birds. We are now heading for Auckland Islands.

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