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My second and third were pretty itsy bitsy, falling between Christmas and New Year. Had not really established a working routine, mainly painting at the National Park in the morning - straining my neck with painting the ceiling, whilst receiving a white Christmas on my face and arm due to my bad technique. Not to mention walking away from the "Boss", with whom the conversation seemed necessary to include remarking on my physical appearance.

Though there were two other projects in the pipeline - have made individual site visits to the Boy Scouts camp site to create a survey site map, and met Lisa and Fiona to discuss the up and coming Macaw Festival - there wasnt a single person breathing down my neck and making sure I was doing something. Hence even with the shorter working week, we still managed to fit in a few side trips into Jaco (45 minutes away by bus) to go online.

With the lack of progress to report to the family, I continued to contribute very little to the family discussions. Luckily they recently installed a cable TV in the house, and was able to escape into watch the programmes, with the excuse of learning Spanish by reading the subtitles to American movies.

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