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My homestay father Urbanov used to work in the nearby Canopy Tour as a guide, and offered to give us a free tour. Miriam, our homestay mother warned us that when he says leave at 7:30am, it's best to be ready earlier, as he would start to get impatient by 7am. Well, actually quite like my real Dad too! Luckily my Dad doesn't have a car to sit in and start the engine with at 7:15am - which was what Urbanov did. But to his credit, he didn't complain about leaving at 7:40am when Gareth decided to join us at the last minute.

The canopy tour wasn't quite what I expected. Had imagined being strapped into a harness and then zipped along cables above the trees at high speed, as many parks in Costa Rica seem to advertise. In actuality, it was an easy hike along trails and views of tree tops from four suspension cabled bridges. Urbanov gave us many interesting commentary, mainly telling us how various trees could be useful as medicines. Having not spotted any monkeys, and that the park wasn't brimming with wildlife, I focused my attention of analysing the bridges instead.

Apparently Urbanov's son constructed one of those, and this caught my attention, as it means I have found myself a contact to help with my bridge building project (although I know the scale is quite, quite different). Though he has explained how the concrete foundation for the steel posts were laid on either end of the bridge, after which the son spun the cable from one side of the other, I thought long and hard at this, marvelling how he could have done it. It would be easier with a river, whereby a boat could be used to transport the cable, but how do you scale a distance of about fifty metres across tree tops...?? If anyone knows the answer to that in English, please drop me a note! Anyway this might explain my lack of wildlife sightings!

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