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Though we normally aim for the seven thirty bus to Carara for some painting, Sami and I decided to take it easy in the morning, as the Wisconsin Gringos, who have the keys to the building, don't start work until about nine oclock. So we walked casually to work, and seemed like everyone we knew were zooming up and down the road in their cars... including the Wisconsin Gringos, hence meaning we probably couldn't work, even if we had wanted to. Nonetheless, we did not give up, and arrived at work, to an empty building, and to walk back. Two and a half hours later, we arrived back at the house, ready for some lunch.

After lunch, I tried out working outdoors with the laptop plugged in the back porch. It was a good notion, but didn't prove to be as productive as my work schedule allowed - many many distractions by kids playing nearby, then were right next to me. Before getting a ride to Jacó, my homestay parents expressed interests in my work, and ended up briefing them with all my projects with lots of enthusiasm, and showing off the new poster I designed to promote my week long summer camp work with the children in the village.

What was supposed to be a short trip to Jacó ended up taking about four hours. Without going into great details, it included downloading Flash MX (a much needed program) twice, whilst the internet connection fluctuated dangerously, writing it onto CD when there was a power cut, the computers reserve energy holding out dramatically until two minutes after completing the burning. Phew! (However it still turned out to be fruitless, and still not installed on the computer) By then, I was past the stage of being sociable with the very helpful system administrator, as it was long past my dinner time. You know how I can't operate on an empty stomache!

Despite of that, we still attempted a trip to Carara, to drop a copy of the work for Fiona - bearing in mind our designated deadline. She was away at a meeting, but ended up being distracted by the Wisconsin Gringos. By the time I staggered back into the house, it was about half past eight, and my lovely French homestay brother had been waiting for me to have dinner. However I was far too tired to chat, and though I had previously complained of having nothing to do before, and wanting to be busy with projects, that Monday really felt like it was the end of the week...

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