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Tom, Jonathan and Josh are chasing one another around the house laughing...

High five! We got away.

Jonathan in Josh's Storm Trooper suit. It's Star Wars all the way...

Sunday, August 26, 2007.

Thousand Trails Indian Lakes, Batesville, IN

Relaxing with Koltons and Klusmans

We went to church this morning with the Koltons. I always like going because I've had the chance to meet several of the people who attend there and I feel like part of the family. Mardell took our picture outside the church in our Sunday best instead of our "camp clothes". (Unfortunately, we lost our digital pictures when Tom's computer crashed. Sheila sent us prints though so that was nice.) We went back to the RV to change and then headed back up to the the house to relax and talk for the rest of the afternoon.

Sheila had a softball game at 4:00 so we all went along for that. The boys played on the playground, Steve got to umpire while Tom and I visited with Lloyd and Pearl and other friends. Lisa gave us all kinds of good information about Washington D.C. so that will come in handy later.

When we got home, we cooked out on the grill and just relaxed and visited more. Josh had school the next morning so we needed to head out so he could get to bed at a decent hour. Lloyd and Pearl came up too. Listening to Tom and Lloyd talk makes me wonder what it might have been like had Tom and Daddy had the chance to do that.

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