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Jonathan wanted to look out the binoculars.

The lighthouse behind Jonathan.

Foggy day. There's probably been many like this one.

Jonathan standing in front of the gardens.

This is a picture of the fog horns. They go off every...

Jonathan took this picture from the bottom of the lighthouse.

A shot of the rugged shore line.

This sign tells a story of just one of the shipwrecks that...

More rugged shoreline in the other direction. The fog got thicker and...

Portland Head Light was completed in 1791 and first to be put...

Monday, September 10, 2007.

Moody Beach Campground, Wells, ME

Tom to Airport - Deb and Jonathan to Portland Head Light

Tom had to fly out to Boulder, Colorado for work today. We left for the airport in Portland, Maine around 11:00 AM then Jonathan and I went to see a lighthouse over in that area.

We had packed a picnic lunch so we were able to stay as long as we wanted. When we got there, the area was foggy. We kept hearing a horn and later learned that it was coming from the lighthouse station. That was one of the services the keepers of the lighthouses would perform when it was foggy. At one time it was bells. This particular lighthouse was built back in 1791. Reading all the history inside was interesting.

We took a leisurely drive home. I fixed dinner while Jonathan did his math and other subjects that are just tough to do while driving around. He stepped up after dinner and helped dry the dishes and we had a very nice evening.

Tom called a little while ago to say that his plane had arrived safely and that he would drop us a note from the hotel when he arrived there.

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