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Peeking out the back bedroom window at Jonathan working on his math.

Oooops! Guess I got caught. Back to doing laundry.

DADDY'S HOME! (Picking Tom up at the Portland Airport.) Next stop, seafood!

Friday, September 14, 2007.

Moody Beach Campground, Wells, ME

Pick Tom Up

Jonathan and I spent some time cleaning house (he's a good helper) and doing other indoor things this morning then went out to the picnic table and focused on math and reading. We go to pick Tom up in about 30 minutes.

We left to get Tom around 1:40. The GPS told me to go south to take I-95 north. I decided I was going to go to the next on-ramp to the north. I should have listened to the GPS. We would have arrived sooner. Jonathan and I got so see all kinds of beautiful homes and landscapes. Some of them even twice!

It was 2:05 when we got to the interstate and we had only gotten 3 miles closer to the airport. We were entering the on-ramp when my cell phone rang. I told Jonathan to go ahead and answer it. It was in the side pocket of my purse, so in trying to help, I dropped it down between the seats and it landed in the back floor. Meanwhile, the GPS is giving me directions, the phone starts ringing again so I just decided to pull over on the side of the ramp and regroup.

Tom called a third time. This time we were able to answer it. I told him "the story" and that he had plenty of time to relax, we were on our way. Tom and Jonathan talked for a while. Meanwhile, somewhere along the way, in trying to turn the GPS off so we wouldn't have to listen to it, I must have reset it and it kept trying to get us home. I reset it for the airport and things settled down the rest of the trip.

The first question after all the hugs was "Have you guys had lunch yet?" Jonathan and I have been eating breakfast around 10:30 lately so we hadn't. We decided to go out for our first Maine Lobster. We went to a place called Mike's Clam Shack. It was a nice place. This was the first time Tom or I had ever had a whole lobster. (Those beady little eyes looking at me. The tail and legs would be fine next time.) They had a special for $14.95. A whole lobster, cole-slaw and fries. Tom had some clam chowder. (Jonathan and I tried it too.) During dinner Jonathan said he wasn't feeling well so we headed home. I read him stories and Tom is tucking him into bed early tonight.

Thanks for your questions McCorkles!

Q. What is the capital of Maine?

A. Augusta

Q. What is the state slogan?

A. Maine Is On The Move!

Q. What is the state bird?

A. Chickadee (We might have seen some yesterday but thought they were a different breed of finch. So little!)

Q. What is the main thing Maine is known for?

A. We think it's lobster, crab and lighthouses but check out for lots of neat facts about Maine!

Also, Past President Bush and Mrs. Bush live in the next town called Kennebunkport. We hear you can drive by their house and take a picture or take a boat tour and see their home from the water. ($)

We visited the first lighthouse that the federal government supported in Portland. There's a lot more to the story but I have to find a way to gather my facts more accurately without having to buy the book.

Q. How cold do you think the water is at the beach?

A. The consensus seems to be upper 50's. (That's on the beach where the water is only an inch to two feet deep too!)

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