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Maureen, Jonathan and Charlie. We had our picnic and fire at Maureen's...

Now it's Charlie's turn to smile!

Saturday, September 15, 2007.

Moody Beach Campground, Wells, ME

Quiet Day - Cookout with Maureen and Charlie

The day started out with rain pattering on the top of the RV. Another good morning for sleeping in. It rained for a big part of the day. Tom and Jonathan played computer games. I worked on reorganizing some areas of the RV that were starting to get to me.

The rain let up around 3:30. We made plans to get together with our neighbor, Maureen, for a cookout later this evening. We had tried to do this last night but with Jonathan not feeling well, it just hadn't panned out so we thought we'd try again.

It turned out to be a great evening. Maureen made potato salad and BROWNIES! Mmmmmm. We grilled and provided the chips. We had a great time visiting at the table and just continued talking around the campfire all evening.

Maureen heads out tomorrow afternoon and is headed north a couple hours. There's a Habitat for Humanity project she's wanting to participate in up the road. We hope things go well and that we cross paths again. If not in the northeast, we'll look her up when we get to Oregon.

Thanks for the emails. It's been fun hearing about what's going on with everyone.

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