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Kaikoura - view from near our hostel

We arrived in Kaikoura yesterday - it was only a 3.5 hour bus trip from Christchurch but the last hour was very windy so I ended up feeling a bit travel sick. The hostel we're in is really nice - quite small with a fire (yeah!!) and 2 cats - soxs and tigs. I spent yesterday wandering around - Kaikoura is very small so that didn't take long, but as you can see from the photo the surroundings are beautiful here. Today I went on a dolphin cruise. Kaikoura is famous for its' dolpin and whale population. I had the option of swimming with the dolphins but considering the fact that it was probably 12 degrees and raining I decided to just go with the viewing. In the end it didn't matter as we didn't see many dolphins so the people who were decked out in wetsuits and ready to swim couldn't get in the water. Apparently a couple of Orca whales had been around earlier in the day and scared all of the dolphins away. We saw about 4 in total but I couldn't get any pictures - mainly because I was sitting at the back of the boat holding a bucket in case I got sick! It was so choppy out there! I didn't get sick in the end - just felt awful and was really glad to get back onto dry land. I'd taken travel sickness tablets but they hadn't worked - oh well. It was good to see the few dolphins tha I did :)

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