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We took the train to Lahore, and stayed at the excellent Regale Internet Inn. First impressions of Lahore are good, however there's is a heavy policy presence following Benazir Bhutto's declaration that she was going to start her march against the President here. I think she's currently under house arrest, and police presence aside everyone seems to be going about their daily routines as normal.

Everyone who passes through Lahore seems to stay at the Regale, run by the very happy go lucky and multi-talented Malik, who seems to be one of the best connected people in Pakistan. Malik runs his own newspaper, worked with former President Benazir Bhutto as her press officer, reads palms(!), tells jokes, organises free music evenings at the Regale, an alround goldmine of information, the list just goes on and on. On Ian's final night before departing for India, Malik decided to throw a party in his honour, and arranged some of his sufi musical friends to come round, and threw in a barbecue for good measure, all at a very minimal cost to us.

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